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Q:Newborn babies don't sleep very much. True or False?

A:False. Being born is hard work! For the first few weeks, it seems that all newborns want to do is sleep. In fact, newborns sleep 15 to 16 hours a day!

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Q:Newborns are nearsighted. True or False?

A:True. Newborns are very nearsighted and can see objects and people most clearly when they are just eight to 12 inches away.

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Q:Babies usually laugh within the first four to six weeks or months?

A:Months. Babies usually begin to socially smile by six weeks of age. Most will laugh within the first four to six months. By then, silly faces, tickling, and peek-a-boo are usually more than enough to set off lots of squeals and giggles!

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Q:At two months, what should new moms be doing to their babies?

A:At two months, new moms should talk to their babies. Of course new moms should play with their babies, but when a child is two months old, one of the most important things new moms can do is talk to the baby!

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Q:Changes in baby's poop color should be cause for concern. True or False?

A:False. Relax! Baby poop changes color, and it's a constant concern for parents. But for the most part, it needn't be. It's just part of the growing process!

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Q:What does "hatching" mean?

A:Awareness and involvement in the world around them. "Hatching" is a stage when babies react and relate to the world around them. This process involves interacting with people and smiling for pleasure. How sweet..

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Q:A 3-month-old baby should cry a total of about one hour per day. True or False?

A:True. By the third month, crying is no longer your baby's primary method of communication. In fact, three-month-old babies should cry for no more than an hour each day. If baby cries more than this, see a physician. Something else could be behind the tears.

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Q:Babies tend to double their birth weight by their fourth month of life. True or False?

A:True. By month four, your baby's weight will likely have doubled from birth. If you're concerned that baby isn't eating well gaining enough weight, talk to your pediatrician.

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Q:By the time a baby is 4 months old, parents should begin childproofing the home. True or False?

A:True. When baby is about 4 months old, it's time to start seriously thinking about childproofing. Put locks on cabinets, snap gates across stairways, and store any cleaning products or other potentially dangerous materials high up and far away from baby's curious fingers.

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Q:What is the best way to get a baby to go to sleep?

A:The best way to get a baby to go to sleep is to put the baby down when she is drowsy. Get into the habit of putting your baby into the crib drowsy, rather than fully asleep. This way, your baby will learn how to soothe herself to sleep rather than relying on you.

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Q:Until at least age 1, what should mom avoid feeding the baby?

A:Cow's milk and Honey. Wait to give baby honey until at least age one because it can carry the bacteria that causes botulism. Also, cow's milk should also not be given until your baby is at least one year old.

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Q:Separation anxiety usually appears in babies at about what age?

A:7 months old. At about seven months old, it is likely that baby is in the throes of separation anxiety and stranger anxiety.

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